With classes on hold or online for the foreseeable future, you might be concerned about the impact of Covid-19 on your student loans and allowances.

If you continue to meet deadlines and attend all online classes (as long as they’re going ahead,) you will receive your loan and allowance as usual. For this, you must meet all course requirements.

You may also be eligible for the domestic tertiary student support package that was released on the 14th April.

Course requirements
Now, we don’t want to get all ‘teacher’ on you, but to receive these payments you must attend your course as usual. That means going to all your lectures, reading all the relevant material and handing in assignments on time.

If lectures, study groups and meetings are cancelled due to Alert Level 4, then, of course, this is out of your control and your will still receive loans and allowances.

If your institution decides to move your teaching online, you must still attend your course as if you are still on campus. This time you can wear pyjamas to lectures! The dream.

Stopping study
You might have to stop your studies for a number of reasons.

If you decide to leave your studies, you must let your institution and The Ministry of Social Development immediately. Find out more information about how to withdraw here.

If your providers close or postpone your course, they will work with The Ministry of Social Development to ensure you receive the right financial support. You might be able to claim a refund for the unused portion of your fees. You will need to consult your provider about their refund policy.

And don’t worry about future. If your study is disrupted by Covid-19, this will be taken into account when you apply for a loan or allowance further down the road. 

If you are receiving Fees Free, you can find out more information here.

Send your docs to the Ministry of Social Development
If the MSD has asked for documents and information regarding your situation, you can send them through Connect. This’ll make it easier for you during lockdown.

They will then be in touch by email, letter or phone.

Covid-19 domestic tertiary student support package
This brand-new package applies to domestic students who are enrolled in full-time tertiary study.

It ensures that students who cannot access their course online can still receive their student loan payments during the four-week lockdown period and for the four weeks afterwards.

The package will:

  • increase the student loan amount for course-related costs for full-time students from $1,000 to $2,000, on a temporary basis,
  • continue support payments for students unable to study online for up to 8 weeks,
  • allow partial tuition fee refunds in 2020,
  • ensure that the current disruption to loans and allowances will not affect students’ future entitlement to Fees Free tertiary study.

The package is available immediately from the 15th April 2020.

For more information…

Email the MSD if you have any questions regarding your loan or allowance.

Find out more about the domestic tertiary student support package.

Keep up to date with the Government’s latest information about Covid-19.