Like the age-old controversy surrounding togs and undies, working from home poses a new question for the ages: where does the home stop and the office begin? Do you enter work mode the moment you leave your bedroom or is your office a metre away from your unmade bed? And have you neglected to dress your bottom half for the past week in favour of comfier Zoom meetings?

We’ve all accepted that we’re going to be working from home for the foreseeable future, so we recommend you invest some time into making it as manageable as possible. First and foremost, it’s important to separate work from play, office from home, pyjamas from shirts, otherwise you’ll find yourself dialling into a Zoom meeting at midday on Sunday wondering where the heck everyone is at.

And no-one wants that.

Here are a few ways you can separate the two and spare your sanity during this difficult time.

Morning routines
Hands up if you wake up at 8:59am and haphazardly dress your top half in time for your 9:00am meeting! That’s’ a big no no. You need to give yourself time to adjust to the day!

Make time for brekkie, do a workout in your bedroom, cycle to the top of the street and back if you miss the morning commute and for pity’s sake, don’t neglect your personal hygiene!

Dressing as if you’re going to work
The shirts and skirts aren’t in retirement just yet. Although it may seem like a boring version of fancy dress, putting on work-appropriate clothes is a great way of separating home from work. You’re going to feel ‘totes profesh’ if you’re in a shirt and chinos rather than sweatpants and a hoody.

When you’ve turned off all your work notifications, THEN slip into your comfies. You see how all this works in tandem? GENIUS!

Avoid turning your bedroom into your office
If you have the space available, do it! Bedrooms are associated with relaxation, rest and recharging those pesky batteries, so avoid plaguing it with virtual meetings and hundreds upon thousands of sticky notes. By leaving your bedroom every day, you’ll feel like you’re kind of ‘going to work’ which will help you switch into a work mindset.

Consider transforming your living room, your kitchen worktop or your bath (if you’re really desperate) into a makeshift office and consider your bedroom your new procrastination station.

Turning off notifications after work
It’s oh-so-tempting to just get that report done or reply to that email after the bell tolls. After-office hours don’t seem to exist anymore, but it’s your responsibility to enforce them. You can’t be having your manager DMing you when you’re mid-way through this week’s instalment of Married at First Sight. That simply will not do.

Turn off all notifications on Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or whatever channel you’re using, the minute you clock off for the day.

If it helps, say ‘hasta la vista, baby’ when you close every work-related tab on your computer. Oh, the satisfaction!!


Don’t work at the weekend
By far the most important of all our handy hints is this one. This is a cardinal sin and is taken very seriously by the Pocketful team.

Just because you have the resources to WFH at the weekend doesn’t mean you should do it. Some might do it to feel productive during a weekend spent indoors, but there are heaps of other ways to feel the same level of productivity in your home:

  • clean your kitchen
  • try and find yourself on Google Earth
  • come up with a new signature
  • learn your credit card details off-by-heart
  • dig out Scrabble
  • decide once and for all your future kids’ names
  • go for a walk
  • go for a cycle
  • cut/dye your own hair
  • reorganise the pantry
  • wipe the smudges off your TV (hello HD!)
  • clean the oven
  • give the kitchen a once-over

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