You’re about to get real cosy in your bubble in the coming weeks, so we reckon you make the most of it! Aside from playing all the card games known to man, digging out the absolute classic ‘charades’ and having a truck load of DMC’s (deep, meaningful conversations,) here are a few more creative ways to spend time with the people in your bubble.

Who knows, they might make the time go quicker!

A bear hunt
That’s right, we’re going on a bear hunt!!

You might have heard of this charming jaunt that’s spread its furry paws across NZ. Before you say anything, yes, we know it’s targeted at the little ones, but who’s to say you can’t have a go?!

A Facebook page was set up to encourage people to place teddies in their windows and are easily visible from the street. Although you can only roam your local area, it’s a good excuse for the nosey ones amongst you to take a sneak peek at your neighbour’s new sofa under the guise of this fun new game. Risky colour choice, Karen.

For the record, we don’t actively condone such behaviour!

Keep an eye out for new bears and check out the bears further afield if you’re driving to an essential service. The rules are really up to you and you can decide who wins and who loses. A wholesome and harmless bit of fun!

The Isolation Games
Kudos to ThreeNow for introducing this absolute gem of a game that’ll keep you entertained for hours and rile up the super-competitive amongst you. Buckle in for 9 weeks of sillies for the chance of winning an absolutely EPIC prize… more on that later.

To give you a wee taste of what’s to come, the current challenge is ‘Dressage’ where you and a friend perform a dressage routine with one as the horse and one as the rider. Last week, you had to film the most creative way of throwing a paper ball in the bin. Simple pleasures!

And the prize? Oh, it’s only a mere YEAR’S SUPPLY OF PIZZA FROM PIZZA HUT!!! No biggie

House party apps
Houseparty is making a mega comeback! It actually popped up on our radar back in 2016 but right now it’s in its heyday, and understandably so.

It’s pretty much what it says on the tin and allows you to facetime a load of your friends at once. And yes, there are heaps of apps that do the same thing, but Houseparty has games for you to play as a group where hilarity will always ensue.

Virtual pub quizzes
Pour yourself a glass of wine or mix yourself a perfect G&T and settle in for the latest trend that is seeing us through isolation. Heaps of people are getting Zoom going for some classic trivia questions with the gang. There’s a bunch of free questions online, or make up your own

If it’ll stop you talking about ‘it’ for one hour, we consider it a towering success!

Find a show to binge each evening
Make time to get together every evening by picking a show to follow daily. If you’re finding that all the days are blending into one monotonous cricket ball, this is a fun ‘end goal’ to your day and ensures that you spend quality time together.

It goes without saying you should all be checking out Married at First Sight because we’re absolutely addicted! It doesn’t really matter what you watch, so long as it isn’t the news, cos that stuff ain’t fun!

Make time for giggles in this uncertain time y’all!!