Chances are most of you are going to be a landlord or tenant, so you should sit up and listen to this one. There are proposed changes to the law that governs all rented accomodation, The Residential Tenancies Act.

If the threat of boring legislation almost put you to sleep, we don’t blame you. So we’re here to give you the gist of how these changes might impact you so you don’t have to wade through the coma-inducing jargon yourself.

You can thank us later : )

Proposed changes to tenancies

  • Fixed-term tenancies will automatically switch to periodic tenancies when the fixed term ends.
  • Tenants are to be given a longer notice period if the landlord wants to move in or sell the property. You lucky things will get anything between 42 and 90 days.
  • Say goodbye to 90 day no-cause evictions. Right now, landlords can evict tenants with no reason whatsoever, so long as they give them 90 days’ notice. Pretty rubbish for a tenant, right?

Proposed changes to rent-related matters

  • Say goodbye to rental bidding,
  • Rent increases can only occur ever 12 months. Currently they can increase every 6.

Proposed changes to treatment of the property itself

  • Don’t force tenants to live in a personality-less cave and allow them to hang up pictures, gap-yah tapestries and baby-proof the property.

Proposed changes to The Tenancy Tribunal

  • The Tenancy Tribunal can compensate up to $100,000 for any necessary work that needs doing. Currently it sits at $50,000
  • All complaints to The Tenancy Tribunal will be anonymous.

Some of these changes might make your life a bit harder, depending if you are a landlord or tenant. What makes life easier for a tenant might be a pain in the backside for a landlord… the two rarely see eye to eye after all.


Have your say!

Make your voice heard and make a submission if you have something to say about the proposed changes. Submissions close on the 25th March 2020, so there’s no time to waste.